What If You Were Paid Solely Off Your Clients Results?

The one-on-one coaching model thrives off of promises and high expectations. A person that hires a coach has a problem (or problems) that need to be solved. Whether their goal is weight loss, performance based or purely aesthetic; they need help to achieve it. Enter: Coach . . . AKA problem solver, solution provider, light at the end of the tunnel seer. People hire coaches because they don’t know how to do it themselves. Trust me, they’ve tried. The initial sit down to discuss said problems a coach may be able to fix is crucial. If a coach is worth their salt, they will ask the right questions, identify causes and begin to address solutions. They will paint a picture of the future. They will obtain buy-in and trust from the client to invest in them as their personal solution provider. The client will leave the initial meeting in awe that people like personal trainers even exist. Why didn’t they invest sooner!? Promises are prominent. Expectations are excellent and grandiose.

Fast forward six weeks to the first reassessment. Showtime! Cue the Jeopardy music as they step on the scale and stare at the number. Maybe it’s a strength goal and the bar is loaded up. It could be the moment they tried on the jeans that their goal was to fit into. Doesn’t matter the measurement. We hope weight went down (or up, depending on goals). We convinced them that we could get them to wherever they wanted to be. We tried to get them to change behavior patterns to lead them down the right track. What if they stopped paying you if they didn’t reach that goal? Like, bye-Neil-you-were-great-see-you-around-thanks-for-your-time, gone. That would hurt. You would feel as if you let them down. You would likely look back and think about things that you could have done differently.

What if you got paid solely off of client’s results? I’m here to point out the fact that you are. If we don’t deliver on what they set out on this journey to overcome, they will eventually cease to pay you. Coaches need to think with the end in mind. Find the solution to the problem that your client has and work backwards from there until you land upon your starting point; day one.

- Set realistic goals: Think with the “paid off of client’s results mentality” - Program proactively: Program with the end in mind. Work backwards. - Control what you can control: Coach your ass off. Fight for behavior changes. Battle for more reps. Care more.

Coach as if your paycheck depended on it today!

Coach Neil


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