PSA to All Personal Trainers

At CoachAbility we believe coaching is the forefront of health and human performance. We see no other industry where the potential to change lives is greater. As coaches our job is to lead, encourage and inspire people to shorten the gap between where they are and where they want to be. We paint them a picture of the optimized version of themselves then take the reins and lead them to get there. If we lead properly, they won’t require the services of a myriad of other healthcare and medical professions. Our goal is to bring honor and respect to the coaching industry by creating and upholding a new standard upon which this entire profession elevates its potential reach and in turn, drives everyone they impact closer to the optimal versions of themselves.

It starts with you. The way you carry yourself matters. The way you show up each day matters. The way you coach each session matters. You must uphold the new standard until the bar you set for yourself each hour of each day is so high that it gives every coach around you no choice but to step up their game as well. By raising the stakes that you set for yourself, the entire industry follows. I coach my ass off so that you are respected more. Coach Kel gets his client’s unbelievable results so that when someone walks into your establishment, they have higher expectations. And damned if you’re not going to deliver at a high level. But... Small caveat to this whole change the coaching world thing - you’ve got to be able to deliver the goods. You’ve got to live up to the new expectation that us and hundreds around us are establishing. We’re here to help. At CoachAbility, our mentorship is designed to lay the groundwork to build your coaching career upon. By following our Four Pillar System, you will guarantee yourself the prerequisite knowledge, skills and habits needed to have the potential to change the lives of whoever steps into your gym’s doors.

As the world continues to succumb to disease, sedentariness and poor lifestyle habits, the foremen (and women) of health and wellness need to step up and band together. Join us as we change the world. One movement at a time.

Go inspire other coaches today!

Coach Neil


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